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Below are some types of project where VerdAscend's expertise can be applied to solve your problems.


Bioinformatics projects are a specialty.

Projects requiring hands-on bioinformatics coding and/or data processing can range in scope from assay design and troubleshooting (PCR, TaqMan, etc), to collection and filtering of molecular targets (genes, SNPs, etc), to extraction and distillation of database content (NCBI, PubMed, etc).

Projects requiring expert advice and guidance can range in scope from simple proof-reading of technical documents and web pages, to review and analysis of existing or planned software system architectures, or work on challenging algorithmic problems.

Data mining, Data analysis

You may have collected valuable data but could use help extracting useful information from it. This is where data mining and data analysis methods can help.

Projects focused on distilling data into information can range in scope from creation of summary statistical reports, to more in-depth exploration looking for patterns and relationships in the data, to development and validation of predictive models via machine learning techniques.

Software design & programming.

Software projects can range in scope from design, creation, implementation, testing and deployment of scripts (e.g. data filtering, reformatting, etc), to reading and/or modifying existing codes, to coding novel algorithms (e.g. predictive models) for use as stand alone tools or as components of larger systems.

Software expertise is mainly with Unix/Linux systems and tools native to this environment. Specific technologies are listed below.
Scripting and programming expertise includes: Perl, Python, Shell, R, and C/C++.
Database expertise includes: domain modeling, MySQL design and querying.
Web expertise includes: HTML, CSS and PHP (working in LAMP stack).

Technical reading & writing

Projects around technical writing can range from searching, reading and summarizing a topic in the scientific and/or patent literature, to writing documentation for algorithms, processes, or software, to reviewing and/or writing scientific papers.