How it works

Your path from problem to solution

Simplicity with foresight

Paraphrasing Albert Einstein: A solution should be as simple as possible, but not simpler. Sometimes a quick, short-term fix for a clearly bounded problem is the perfect solution. Other times, though, investing more thought and effort up front can make life much easier later on. The ability to recognize the difference between these two scenarios is where our experience can really add value.

Understand the problem and desired outcomes

You describe your current problems and what you would rather have instead. Maybe you don't know what you want, or don't know all your options, but you know that something isn't working as well as you would like. We will work together to fully understand the current situation and consider some possible solutions.

We generate a work proposal

We will digest the problem description(s) and evaluate possible solutions. Alternatives can be written up as a proposal that will clearly specify work deliverables for various options. With proposal in hand, you can make sure that the project is fully defined, and that proposed solutions are what you need.

We go to work

With a project defined, we get to work! For longer projects, progress reports (via email) as well as partial results can be delivered as agreed upon.

You get what you need

Upon completion, project deliverables will be fully documented and packaged. Documentation will, of course, depend on the type of project. Documentation typically includes slides (e.g. for bioinformatics assay design, statistical analysis). Packaged deliverables can range from a simple data table, to variously processed and formatted data files, to a complete source code bundle with install / use documentation, example test cases, etc.